My music is 80's synth pop/italo disco combined with westcoast or smooth jazz. Here are the songs, with the newest at the top. Listen and download! If you enjoy my music please contact me!

I've made some custom patches for the Yamaha AN1x synth which you can dowload here. You need the PC AN1x editor to read the patches. I've also made some DX7 IID performance patches and I've collected and programmed a few patches for the Roland Alpha Juno and the Yamaha SY22 . Also, visit me on Youtube or Soundcloud.

If you haven't heard my music before listen to: On my way, I need you to be, Realm of dreams, and Separate first.

Embrace infinity
To be free once more
A vortex sublime
The edge of time
Diamond in the rough
The unknown
A future society
It's never too late
Fantasy reality
En god jul till alla
Nu har vi jul igen
Modern urban world
Faraway land
I don't need to tell you anything
Moments to remember
Julens klockor (demo)
Look for the sign (original version)
Look for the sign (radio edit)
On my way
The beacon
As long as it's me and you
The last explorers
Open wide
I juletid
The price that we pay
I believe in you
Into my dream
Turning around
Tune me in
Summer is here
Moving forward
Not tied to this world
Fooled and twisted
A fine line
All together
I will come undone
Don't you leave me stranded
Guide me through the night
Something to hold on to
Beyond the stars
I'll find you
Distant shore
The traveller
Sunlight (Original Version)
Sunlight (Radio Edit)
No man
On and on
A greater power
The guardian
Sailing on the airstreams
Set in stone
Light beam
Save me
Feel the light
If you go
Renew my inspiration
Letting go
Gaze ahead
The journey
Promised land
Realm of dreams
Standing tall
Another day
Say your name
No one stands in your way
I need you to be
The seventh sun
Wait (it's not too late)
Child's play
Magical sights
Autumn colors
Keep on goin'
In time (alternative mix)
Engage the hyperdrive
When all is said and done
Frozen debris
In Time
Can You See
Standing on the edge
The Running Man
New Possibilities
The sonic wave - new mix
The sonic wave
Travelling weightless
Back in time
The rearview mirror
Wings of fantasy
Like the river
The guiding light
The essence
What have we done
Another night in wonder
Faith is the key
We are here
Into the light
For the love
Smooth groovin'
The Dome
Through the Outer Rim
Seven beats
I know the way
Now and forever
Lost in confusion
Fairies gone blind
Victory of the son of man